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Readon TV Movie Radio Player 3.6

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a great Internet movies, TV and Radio tuner
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Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a great Internet TV and Radio tuner, either for streaming or on demand, which brings together content from many countries and can classify it according to various criteria such as gender, country or station's / broadcaster's name. Undoubtedly it is the result of an excellent research and programming work.

Its main window consists of two panels: the main panel, occupied by the screen and its controls, and the left panel, which includes the use options and four tabs which classify the stations according to their type and programming: TV, radio, movies on demand and TV on demand. The Radio tab and the two TV tabs contain a long list of Internet broadcasters, sorted by country and with the option to order them according to their gender or name. The Movies on demand tab content classify the movies according to their rating, with the option to do it by gender, name or production year instead.

To listen to a radio station, tune in a TV broadcast or watch a movie, you need just to click on the station/movie listed. The program also includes an option to record the audio from any of these options in an MP3 file (NO video recording).

The films open in the included Movie Viewer (separate window).

The audio and video tuning is really good in Readon TV Movie Radio Player, but its most prominent feature (which puts it above others of its kind) is its ability to play audio and video independently of their origin, because it "pulls" the broadcasting without opening pages or using a web browser. Do not be surprised if you find yourself watching a video impossible to find through the web, and later watch a video from youtube or google video... but always within Readon TV Movie Radio Player.

Its channel list is updated automatically.

Requires Windows XP or Vista, and Dot Net Framework 2.0

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Real all-in-one
  • Great video and audio quality
  • Versatile


  • TV in PC is risky ;-)
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